Mellow Yellow Monday #25


This cute little duckie is one of Lokii's (our shih tzu) least liked toys. Everytime we insert a hand in there and put it right in front of his face, he'll get really angry and bark non stop.

Happy MYM everyone!


Anonymous said…
How cute is that. LOL. I can just picture the dog :) Happy MYM :)
Stacie said…
What a cute little Duck!!
claudie said…
May I ask what a "telenovelas" are????
I'm glad somebody knows how to spell shih tzu lol
I have a couple of them hanging around here... most of my dogs are rescues and they would LOVE your little ducky, as long as it squeaks.
Happy MY
Love Claudie from Canada
Carletta said…
That's too cute! A perfect yellow!
Made me smile.
Coffeedoff said…
Lovely for a yellow photo, even if he doesn't like it!
that's a lovely yellow!

happy MYM! come and visit my MYM if you have the time!
Miranda said…
Aww, thats so cute!
_el@i_ said…
oh he doesn't find it cute!!! LOL!
Dr.John said…
There is one of those internet “awards” for you
KAT said…
That duck is soooo sweet!! I love it, and look at the little face???

An award is waiting for you over at Candles, Crafts and Whatnot. Congrats!

:) Kat
Tellie said…
oooh! I love hand puppets and ducks too :)
so cute!!! so ur little shih tzu gets terrified of puppets? i wonder what his reaction would be if he sees a mascot!
LOL! I think your dog is insecure with the duck. Why won't he be? That's one cute yellow duckie! :D