Natural Remedy for Sinus Pain

Acute sinusitis is a condition that occurs when inflammation of the sinus cavities interferes with normal mucus drainage. Millions of people are suffering from this and the most common symptoms are nasal stuffiness, headaches, fatigue and body aches. I recently read that OTC sinusitis drugs can cause rebound congestion, tissue dryness and insomnia, and some of the widely prescribed antibiotics can add to the harm by turning acute cases into chronic ones.

Next time your sinusitis attacks, think twice before popping in a pill. Here, try this remedy I found and save money on prescription meds and time spent in the doctor's office. Best of all, this natural cure works better for sinus pain.

When you feel the beginning of a blockage, rinse with a simple saltwater solution. Combine 1 cup of lukewarm water, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda. Lean over the sink and snort a small amount of the solution from your pal by closing one nostril and gently sniffing with the other; let drain. Repeat three times on each side twice daily. The solution can remove mucus and shrink swollen tissue, stopping the inflammatory cycle.


Dr.John said…
I'll have to share that with my son who has the problem.
Tita Beng said…
Hi Liz! This will help my daughter.I'll ask her to follow this prescription of yours. Thanks for the info.

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Same here! 'Twas nice meeting you!
Mariuca said…
Ohhhhh thanks for the tip Liza...My sinus prob acts up quite often, maybe I'll try ur remedy next time!
Metz said…
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kg said…
ooohhh. i love natural remedies. and since i am sipunin :;, this would be very useful for me! thanks for sharing!
RA said…
Thanks for the tip! I have been suffering a lot from sinusitis. Have a wonderful week :)
Thanks for the info. :)

I also recently read that Phenypropanolamine has some kind of negative effect on the body. That is one of the ingredients of some of the common cold medicines that we usually drink when we have sinusitis. We really need to be more careful about what we're taking in nowadays...