Learning How To Cook

When I was newly married, I didn't know anything about cooking, but I tried my best to prepare home-cooked meals for my husband. I knew how some foods are cooked but I have never tried doing it on my own. My Chicken and Pork Adobo was very salty, my Spaghetti was bland, my Afritada was swimming with sauce, my Sinigang was too sour, and my Beef Tapa... I think I hold the record for the saltiest Tapa ever made! Knowing too well that I was very new to it, I never heard my husband complain. He was very kind to eat what I had whipped up, yeah, that's how much he loves me, haha. Even I couldn't take them, lol.

It came to a point that I became so desperate, and even though hubs did not complain outright about my cooking, I knew he tried to find ways of escaping my food. He'd whip his delicious pizza and tacos on weekends, and even took pains into buying food from restaurants and taking it home. Thank God his grandma lived just next door and helped me out with my cooking. That's when the passion started. I collected tons of cookbooks and had fun trying the recipes out. And finally, he was buying food less often and our weekend pizza and tacos became a once a month thing. He too became so engrossed with recipe books, he'd drag me to the Book Shop on weekends to check out new cookbooks. Since then, collecting cookbooks has turned into a hobby than a mere cure for desperation. On my last birthday, he gifted me with the big fat duck cookbook, and I've been trying out the recipes whenever I can. Don't be afraid if you can't cook. You can always learn.


Tina T said…
I love to cook, but I have to admit that I get in a rut and cook many of the same meals over and over. I like to take out the cookbooks and try new things, although my "new" meals don't always turn out as well as the ones I'm used to making. I have friends who rarely cook, and yet they can follow directions for other things that are way more difficult than a recipe. They just are afraid to give it a try.
Metz said…
yayy i get to comment again. I was redirected to dropaholics.com earlier. Hope things are well and that you are keeping safe and dry. We are all still praying for this new typhoon to leave asap. :)

As to learning how to cook, it is a fun experience. best to learn it with family and friends. And always remember cook with pure heart hehe It makes it taste even better heheh :) xoxo
Anonymous said…
Nice sharing!

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Chris said…
i never cooked until a month ago... we have been married 8 years and he was the one who did the cooking or the helper, but as of last month, we have decided not to hire a helper anymore so i am still learning!
Yeah... I wish I could learn how to cook well too. My mom is an amazing cook, and not even a drop of her cooking ability was passed on to me. In fact, she often teases me about my lack of knowledge in cooking. :(