Mellow Yellow Monday #29


Those are Uni Rolls or Sea Urchin Sushi. No, I didn't eat them, I just can't! I'm ok with fish but not sea urchin. Dad did and he said, they were yummy.

Happy MM everyone!


OK .... I will "try one"

Sea Urchin? reeeeeeely ????? I had no idea they were food!

Big smile , and hello from SpeedyCat :-)
SmartShopIt said…
It's actually the roe from the urchin. Think of it like caviar. If you eat fish, caviar are just baby fish. Maybe that will help you get over the psychological part of eating this. It's really pretty good!
Anya said…
Hi Liza
I will try one
I eat many fish yummieeeee....
Have a wonderful day and thank you for your get well wishes
(I have now a cold with cough :(
Its here fall and cold thats the reason ;)
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JENIE=) said…
im back liz...and like u, i cant eat that. thinking about it gives me the goosebumps haha.

i miss ur visits
hope u visit my other blogs too
life round me N you
earthy me
_el@i_ said…
i don't think i can dare my self to eat that!
GagayMD said…
indeeeeeeeeeeeed yummy te liz! ive tasted urchin foods in davao.


What's the yellow thing on top? I think uni's taste like just a normal fish. You should try it some time. :)