A New Approach To Losing Weight

Losing weight for me is not so easy. It's already been two months since I started with my indoor walking program, and I have only lost 5 pounds. Although I am starting to get frustrated, I try to keep my mind off it. But I'm thinking of completely changing my diet and have thought about weight loss austin. It's a weight loss program that's geared toward removing interference, supporting deficiencies, and allowing your body to function without concentrating on drugs as the only option. I have read some articles from bloggers who have tried it, and they say it's very effective.


GagayMD said…

Me too te liza..im getting weight now!and i wanted to lose weight!huhuhu!

anyway! how are you!?!?it's been a while since haven't visited u here! :)

gagay, MD
Prisqua said…
I personally use the Wii and a daily walk plus good eating habits. But my main thing is to always eat breakfast and eat every 3 hrs. But no matter what method you chose, it is not easy.
try the no sugar no flour diet. i have been on it for a month without doing anything else and lost 10 pounds already. it takes a while to get the sugar and flour out of your diet but afer awhile i am not missing it, especially when i fit into my skinny jeans....
Good luck with your weight loss. I've recently lost about 18lbs, but I cheated with a diet pill and cutting out the bad stuff like soda and fast food.

Also, for cardio there is a p90x video that will work wonders. Lots of peoples results are posted on youtube, if you ever wanted to check into that.