Tiredness and Sugar Cravings

Whenever we have this feeling of fatigue and tiredness and a nap is at the very end of your to-do list, we naturally reach for a sugary snack to give us the energy to power through our day.

But little did we know, those sugar fuel-ups are a top cause of fatigue and cravings, not to mention gastrointestinal distress, recurrent vaginal yeast infections, body aches, blue moods or even PMS. That's because foods high in sugar, as well as healthy foods like yogurt and high-fiber cereals that contain high fructose syrup, create an acidic internal environment that allow candida yeast to thrive.

And when the yeast are growing out of control, they poke holes in the gut lining and secrete at least 78 toxic byproducts into the bloodstream that can tax the immune system, triggering internal inflammation and cause various health concerns. We all know that yeast need sugar to create their preferred acidic environment, so they thrive by releasing chemicals that trick the body into thinking blood sugar is low, resulting in intense cravings for carbs.

To keep yeast levels low, experts recommend consuming spices such as cayenne, curry and cumin. These are anti-fungal and just a teaspoon daily of any of these spices can reduce levels by up to 41 percent in two weeks. Also, eating the right kind of yogurt can be a cure. Yogurt supplies you with probiotics, beneficial bacteria that eliminate overgrowth by producing yeast-killing hydrogen peroxide. But if you have to use yogurt as a cure, caution is in order, most brands contain sugar or high-fructose corn syrup, both of which serve as food for yeast to thrive on. So opt for the plain unsweetened kind which can be sweetened with fresh fruits. A cup a day can restore probiotics levels in 2 weeks.


THE GUYS said…
This is good advice that WE NEED TO TAKE!

Sleep deprivation is our middle name. So is coffee and tea with cream and sugar. Bad, Bad, Bad!!

FYI: We left entrecard. No drama, just wasn't quite working out for us. But we're glad to have met you and some other cool bloggers. We hope you keep in touch. We will!
imelda said…
gosh i need to inform my sons about this. ty liz.
bambie said…
hey, this is one great post. very informative! thanks for sharing it liz.

btw, yep, i'm from las pinas. i've been to philamlife before (my ex lives there).

anyway, thanks for visiting my blog! :)
Unknown said…
Liz, this explains why I had so many yeasts infections before my meno pause. I ate yogurt every day and thought I was doing my body good.
Great post. Keep up the good work.
Oh my, that yeast infection fact is terrible! :(
But I do know that it's not smart to reach for sweets when we're tired. Because if we do so, we'll end up having sugar rush and we'll just get more tired than before.