Trick or Treat?

Be extra careful when buying candies for trick or treating, caffeine-laden sweets may prove more trick that treat if they end up in your kid's Halloween bag. Some popular candies pack 50-60 milligrams of caffeine and this is close to the 80 milligrams in a Red Bull energy drink.

Over time, caffeine is habit-forming, it causes hyper-activity and increases blood pressure. Although caffeine-laden candies are marketed for adults, it's not impossible they land in your kid's bags, so be sure to sort through his haul.


Duni said…
That's good advice. Personally, I don't like those coffee-laden sweets. The paper bag is cute:)
Anya said…
I am always careful ;)
Thanks for the great advivice
I love those bag :))))
have a lovely weekend ....
eastcoastlife said…
That's a great way to recycle the paper bags. Creative idea.
vaxcel said…
I love the bags they are so cute!
A wise issue to be concerned about. It's hard to balance the kids love for candy and getting too much of a bad thing.

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Swubird said…

Good advice. But do you know that we haven't had any trick or treaters for about eight years now. It's sad. Halloween, Christmas, Easter egg hunts, there all going away.

Happy trails.
Anonymous said…
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