Mellow Yellow Monday #33


Hope these beautiful yellow flowers will brighten up your Monday morning. Happy MYM to all!


Stacie said…
These flowers are gorgeous!! Have a great Monday!
JessQ said…
I think they're cutie and adorable!! hehehe...just greeting my wonderful friends like you, while waiting for prospective candidates for the May 10, 2010 elections to file their Certificate of Candidacy.
Hi Liza!

Thanks for your encouragement about my sore foot! I appreciate it.

I am having a give away on my blog..please come by for a visit if you can.

Happy Monday!
Race said…
yeah i love yellow flowers makes me think that there will always be sunshine for us! can't find your link in the MYM site sis! got my first entry at my new blog!
life's journey said…
My hubby is the one love yellow he has so many yellow shirt. happy MYM!
Anonymous said…
Yes, these bright yellow flowers are very cheery!
EJ said…
Black eyed susan with a butterfly, lovely!

Happy Thanksgiving! Please check out Our last days in Korea
Jazzbumpa said…
Yikes! I missed the butterfly.

Though I've never been famous for visual acuity, I do appreciate a splash of yellow.

Quilt Works said…
Good looking flowers, the yellow is so bright!

I clicked on your google ads, hope when you visit my sight you can visit one of my sponsors too!
We can help each other by being a "click tag" team

...A field of golden sunflowers!
Marice said…
thanks for brighting up our day :)

u may view mine here