Outsmart Flu with Garlic

The pungent garlic doesn't only work to inhibit LDL (bad cholesterol). As a top source of immune-boosting allicin, it increases the body's production of white blood cells to fight off bacterial and viral infections. Experts recommend adding fresh garlic (chopping raw garlic is the only way to activate the antioxidant) daily to any meals. This will help cut cold risk by 57 percent.

Here's an added perk: Consuming 2 teaspoons daily of raw minced garlic can stave off weight gain. Thanks to garlic's sulfur compounds, these break down fats in the bloodstream before they can enter fat cells. Plus, sulfur combats cravings by stabilizing blood sugar levels.


Raft3r said…
maganda rin syang panakot sa aswang
Ish said…
i remember my lola chewing a raw garlic... nice tips
Kerslyn said…
i love eating garlic...but not the fresh ones. I think klangan ko na kumain ng fresh. :-)