For Body-Wide Health Benefits

You know how important it is for us to supplement with the best vitamins and minerals. Getting regular supplies of the vitamins we need daily not only strengthens our body but it helps fight inflammation-causing diseases as well. You may not be aware of it but the best vitamins continue to surprise you with body-wide health benefits.

Just take vitamin D for example. I have always thought that exposure to sunlight is bad because it raises your risk on skin cancer and is the cause of premature aging. But I recently learned that taking Vitamin D can really slow down the aging process by up to 5 years. Just 20 minutes of exposure to sunlight a week is enough to supply us with our daily D requirements, cutting down DNA damage that triggers age-related diseases like cancer and heart ailments. Here's more of what this vitamin can do to you:

BRAIN - Cuts stroke risk; may help prevent depression
EYES - Lowers risk of macular degeneration
MOUTH - Decreases risk of gum disease
HEART - Lowers chances of cardiovascular disease
LUNGS - May reduce lung cancer risk
BREAST - Cuts chances of breast cancer
BACK - Lessens likelihood of chronic pain
LEGS - Fights age-related weaknesses
CALVES - Lowers risk of blocked leg arteries

Multiple studies are still being done on what other health benefits we can get from the best vitamins on the market. Still, it's important to consult your doctor before you decide to take these.


Bryan said…
This is great, thanks for sharing this! You seem to have read a lot of resources that's why I'd like to come here more often.