Looking at the sky on Friday (29)


This was taken two weeks ago when we went to Tiendesitas. It was such a bright day and I couldn't resist taking a snap of the fluffy clouds.

Happy sky watching!


Mariuca said…
I oso love the fluffy clouds Liza! :) And wow u lost 12 lbs?? I am jealous! :)
Joanne Olivieri said…
Those clouds look like cotton candy. A beautiful shot.
MizĂ© said…
Really fluffy clowds, they look like sugar :)
Thanks for the Rose postcard!
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Good weekend xx
jenny talks said…
uy tagal ko na d napunta sa tiendesitas ah.. nice fluffy clouds.
Unknown said…
galing ng shot mo sis ah..^^

btw, 29 days na lang.. habol ka na sa
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the last time I was in Tiendisitas was before Ondoy hit us, kaya it's nice once again to see beautiful fluffy clouds hovering over it!

Come and visitmy Friday!

life's beautiful!
Unknown said…
It looks like a beautiful day!
Ralph said…
The sky is beautiful, the clouds almost looking as if the artist painted these on a beautiful blue canvas. A wonderful lookk at the heavens...