Mellow Yellow Monday #35


Yes, those are giant bananas and it's longer than my knife! Found it at the grocery store and bought 1 piece to try. I still like the smaller ones. They are sweeter and softer.


Bryan said…
I also prefer the smaller ones. But nevertheless, I still love to eat any kind of bananas. They are really good for out health. Nice post!
Unknown said…
Liza --- I just love bananas but as they are herbs they taste different from every country that they are grown in. The best flavoured ones which are sweet and creamy grow in the Carribean around the West Indies. The most superior ones are grown in the Windwood Islands, they are usually small to medium and are very difficult to get hold of but if you get the chance to try them then you won't be disappointed.
African ones taste totally different as do South American ones - they are much milder in flavour. The West Indies ones occasionally, in the height of the season for two or three weeks the bananas when ripe are almost rice pudding flavour.

Did you know that Apes always peel the bananas from the bottom whereas most people tend to peel them from the top. They are supposed to be easier to open from the bottom but I too always peel from the top - old habbits die hard!!
Sally in WA said…
Ohmigoodness, that IS a giant banana. Like you, I prefer the smaller ones just like I bought earlier today.
My sons love bananas too especially if I will fry it for them.
Thanks for sharing.
Swubird said…

A mega banana. Wow, I've never seen such a huge banana. Do they have a special name? And I wonder if I can buy them here in the US.

Happy trails.
Stacie said…
These look yummy!!
Chubskulit Rose said…
Are those plantain bananas Liza?

Sweet Smile for Mellow Yellow Monday.
EJ said…
the sliced bananas would taste really good on ice cream hehehe.

Baking Cookies is my mellow yellow entry.
Peel, slice and savor—
it’s banana time! Nothing
better for breakfast.

My Mellow Yellow
Marice said…
wow my fave fruit! we buy our bananas too from Dole :)

u may view mine here
RoseBelle said…
I've always wonder how you eat these big bananas! One of my coworkers said to fry them and eat like french fries and or you can put them in soup. I'm not sure if we're talking about the same type of bananas though. I love the small mini ones. Those are sweeter than the regular ones.