My Thoughts On Homeschooling

Recent studies showed that many American parents consider homeschooling rather than sending their children to traditional schools. They seriously consider this because it's a different way of educating their children. My kids are grown now but if I had to go back in time, I would have homeschooled them considering the amount of money you have to spend for education. I'm a work-at-home mom anyway and I can focus on their studies. I wish homeschooling curriculum online was already available back then. Here in the Philippines, putting your children in a decent school would cost you a fortune. Education here is now more of a privilege rather than a necessity. It's a sad fact but it's true.

Homeschooling do not only help you save money, but it allows your kids to be educated at home free from the daily school assignments, school projects and pressure. And the best thing is, it also allows more bonding time between you and your child, fostering closer relationships. This will greatly strengthen your relationship and your child's self-esteem and self-confidence will improve a lot. Another important reason why some parents consider homeschooling is because this shields their children from bad habits due to peer influence - smoking, drinking alcohol, gambling, sex, drugs and violence.

Although not everyone can do it, you don't need to be an expert to homeschool your child because the net is steaming with information that would surely help you and your child. You can find a homeschooling curriculum that best suits your child's needs and even customize it for appropriate subject grade level.

If you are seriously considering it, take the time to think about it before deciding whether or not home schooling is right for you and for your kids.


Bryan said…
I'd like more to have my child be at school so that she can mingle with other students and make friends. Also, there were lots of learning experiences and progress at school.
Unknown said…
Homeschooling can be a good alternative if you live in an area with poor schools, or as in your case, too expensive schools, or if your children have special needs or handicaps.
My nieces, who live in West Viginia in the United States, have been homeschooled all their school years, and are now teens. It has worked well for them, because the are active in their church and the girls have taken dance lessons the whole time. That way they have been able to meet other children their age and also to keep physically fit. So it all depends upon how you do it.
My children go to the normal public school. The teachers are very good. My only complaint is that there are pupils that are unkind to my son. Bullying is a big issue in Swedish schools, so I sometimes consider homeschooling my children. There are families that do it, but it is not that common.

Best wishes