Timing Is The Key

When we are under stress, our body releases cortisol, a hormone that helps the body survive in times of dangers. Sadly, this "automatic response" comes with an unwelcome side effect... belly fat! That's because cortisol sends calories straight to the tummy so the liver can access them quickly for emergency fuel. Plus, cortisol spikes can trigger overeating. We have the tendency to reach for snacks when we are stressed. I recently read that with a few timing tricks, you can easily outsmart fat-causing cortisol swings. Here they are...

Eat breakfast within an hour of waking. Our body is producing just enough cortisol to keep us alert when we wake up in the morning. And from there, cortisol levels rise, putting us at risk of overeating. Experts recommend consuming a protein-packed bite within an hour of waking. A healthy, satisfying fare can ward off overwhelming cravings later.

Snack three hours after lunch. Cortisol levels naturally begin to fall around 3 pm. But when a busy day keeps cortisol at a continual high, the cortisol drop registers as a full-blown crash, draining energy. This is what makes us crave for sugar for a quick way to recharge, experts say. To outsmart this, have a filling snack a few hours after lunch before fatigue sets in.

According to them, this simple timing tricks can help ward off cravings. The result? A slimmer you!


RoseBelle said…
Hi Liz, I snack all the time and I think it has to do with not feeling not satisfied after eating. If I ate something that I like, I don't snack at all but if I ate something that I didn't particalurly enjoy, I have a tendency to snack often which is bad for our teeth as well. Great advice. I will certainly try it!