Hapiness Award from Rosie

My first for 2010! I received this special award from my dear friend Rosie over at All About Cakes. Please visit her blog if you haven't already. She makes great cakes and is an expert in cake decorating. I love her blog and I'm sure you will too.

So along with the award there are some rules. I have to link her blog to me and I have done that above.

Next I am to list 10 things that make me happy.

My family
Reading books
Cross stitch and embroidery
Lokii (our shih-tzu)
Seeing my kids grow
My blog friends

So now in turn I will send this off to some of the very creative blogs that I love.

Chris @ The Mommy Journey
Enchie @ From My Kitchen and Beyond
Jo @ Poetic Shutterbug
Rose Belle @ Three Wisdoms
Anya @ Kareltje en Ikke!!!
Marzie @ Wishing On A Falling Star
Stacie @ Super Mommy To The Rescue


Mariuca said…
Yay! Thank you very much for the lovely award Liza, I loooooove it! :)
Mariuca said…
He he me too love coffee! In fact having one now, join me? ;)
Mariuca said…
Congrats on the award too, hugs! :)
Anya said…
Thanks Liza for the award

Oopsssssssssss.... I forget
CONcatULATIONS on your award

Have a wonderful week :-)
RoseBelle said…
Awww...how thoughtful of you :) Congrats on your award and I see from your list of 10 you like cross stitch and embroidery which requires really great hand skills and patience. My mom loves the same too but I just can't. I tried.
Laikka said…
just visiting mommy!

have a wonderful day!
Joanne Olivieri said…
You are so sweet, thank you so much for the lovely award.
Chris said…
beautiful award.. thanks for sharing it with me! :D ill post it soon :D happy wednesday!
Stacie said…
Congrats on your award Liz. Thank you for thinking of me.
green me said…
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