Looking at the sky on Friday (32)


I took this while inside the car on our way to my MIL's so that explains the quality of the photo. I was in such a hurry to snap the airplane I wasn't sure if I did it right, haha.

Happy weekend and happy sky watching!


Anna said…
I do that, too - take pictures from the car. The clouds are gorgeous, and you caught the airplane! I always seem to miss them.
heavenly bliss said…
That is really pretty and has a sense of excitment too. Nice shot.
Jenny from My Four Girls
Ralph said…
The complex fair weather clouds are billowy, and bumpy if entered in an aluminum tube. Happily, this plane on approach and ready to land has passed through the bumpy clouds and is in the smooth sailing air...
Calico Crazy said…
Caught it! The clouds are fabulous. ~ Calico Contemplations
Very cool shot! What's the bright light in the corner? Is it a reflection from something.

Thanks so much for playing along.

Happy Friday!!