Looking at the sky on Friday (33)


We're a month away from summer but already, the heat during the afternoons are unbearable. The mornings and nights are still cold though. This weird weather makes a lot of people sick. I had to fetch my son from school the other day because of flu. But he's feeling a lot better now that the fever is gone.

Click on the badge for more sky photos. Happy weekend.


Laikka said…
nice pics.. weee snowing again here..huhuhu!
Kerslyn said…
The weather really makes me crazy Mommy Liz.

My entry is up too. Happy weekend!
Ralph said…
The sky has a depth of textures. The variety of grays are stunning, and this seems almost an Impressionists work, it looks like an oil painting. And is wonderful!
Calico Crazy said…
I like the play of light and shadow on the clouds, and such a pretty view. ~ Calico Contemplations
Kris said…
Ooo, this pic reminds me of my vacation in California a few years back. That was sooo nice. I would like some warm weather. It's cold here. Sorry about your son, though, glad to hear he's feeling better. Very good shot.
Race said…
you're right sis this weather is so prone to sickness, almost everyone has a cold or cough or flu because the heat is unbearable daytime and so cold nighttime, anyway your shot is beautifu - i like the different shades of your clouds here!
I love the different textures of the clouds! Very nice shot.

Thanks for playing.