Mellow Yellow Monday #40


This is one of the best Filipino appetizers, unripe mango with shrimp paste. The salty shrimp paste compliments the sour mangoes. Happy MYM, all!


Anya said…
Mango I know also but shrimp pasta
I never heard of it !!
Great yellow post ...

Heidi said…
You made my mouth water, hehehe!
Bryan said…
Oh make me drool!! What a delicious post you have shared with us. Keep posting!
LODS said…
gosh, ang sarap puede humingi?
manggang hilaw!

great MYM Post!

have a great day!
Come and visit me sometime!

fickleinpink, the dark side
Slices of mango
arrayed on a plate—bright rays
of sunshine for snacks!

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Race said…
wow that's super yummy, i can have it anytime of the day lol!
Joanne Olivieri said…
ooh, now that is a unique blend and sounds so delicious.
Denesa said…
I love the mangoes from Philippines. I remember buying a whole basket while there but unfortunately my basket of mangoes became halved (stolen) after I checked it in at the airport:(
RoseBelle said…
I've never tried unripe mango with shrimp paste but I've tried it with fish sauce and chili peppers. Green sour apples with fish sauce too. Is that black thing shrimp paste? The ones I use is grayish in color.

Liz, I've added you on my blogroll. Love the info on your blog, very informative and resourceful. Keep on the good work :)
Roj said…
Nakakamis! Mga 3 taon na akong di nakatikim neto ah! Yummy yum!