Now it's a safe home

My husband's parent's home was built back in the 60's. The time when asbestos was considered an integral part of every home. Back then, nobody knew that asbestos could be bad for the health. None of them has ever heard of mesothelioma (a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos), not until a relative in the US married a mesothelioma lawyer. And since the house is very old, they have decided to have it rebuilt. They have lived there for so many years and everyone was relieved when they found out that none of them have been exposed.


RoseBelle said…
Asbestos was unheard of back in the days. Now it's a major concern. My workplace actually had some work walls and ceilings redone to reduce asbestos. Have you ever wonder why back then people were healthier despite all these problems that modern age has discovered? My grandpa lived to 95 and he told us he ate a lot of salted food (no refrigerator in the early 1900's) and today, we're taught that high sodium food is bad for us.
As a part of safety check of you home, go to your bathroom and check the labels of your skincare products and your cosmetics - how natural they are.