Phosphacore, is it safe?

Do you want to get rid of that tummy fat? That's the hardest one to eliminate when it comes to losing weight. I have been practicing on improving oxygen intake during workouts because it is said to double fat burn on your tummy, but the bulge is still there. Then I read about phosphacore. It claims to provide that tummy fat melting magic using rare African herbs. I need to check on this more, I want to make sure it's really safe before I start taking it.


Miranda said…
I was taking some sort of phoso-enzyme type supplement. It's suppose to help digestion and get rid of bloating. I have to say that it did do that. Except I had MAJOR heartburn to the point that I got nauseous and sick. I didn't connect it until I stopped taking it for a while and started again. OMG it was brutal.

On a good note, I went to the doctor because of it, had an ultra sound and found out that I have kidney stones. LOL at least that explains my lower back and side issues. ;)

I do take pro-biotic pills every morning, and I find it really helps!