Relax and Sleep Tight

Does it take you longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep? I don't mean to scare you but I recently read that if it does, you better be on the lookout for diabetes and heart disease. Recent research found that women who have trouble dozing off have higher levels of insulin, inflammatory proteins (linked to heart disease), and fibrinogen (which plays a role in stroke). Early detection of risks can help ward off illness. It's also best to find ways to unwind before hitting the sack. Try to listen to music to relax, it can protect your health and help you feel well the next day.


Miranda said…
This is good info, as I had a couple mini strokes a few years ago. I do usually have troubles falling asleep, and then often wake up through out the night. I think mine is just stress....ironically that can leed to stroke too LOL. (I shouldn't laugh, but its what I do)
Thanks for visiting my sites.this article is very useful for sleeping. It gives relaxation & freshness of mind.
Unknown said…
Although I do not disagree with your observations and we should all be switched on to good health. There are still many people who cannot get to sleep, simply because the do not do enough to tire their bodies and brains out sufficiently. Some simply go to bed too early. The older we become the more we need to shrink the amount of sleep that our body requires. We either need to keep our bedtime the same but get up slightly earlier or go to bed much later and get up at the same time. We cannot fight nature and it seems that nature requires us to sleep a little less the older we get!

I once had a very elderly lady advise me that not only do we require less sleep as we pile on the years but also much less carbohydrates. Which is the harder to cut back on ... sleep or carbohydrates - I wonder?