The Big Barbeque Fan

My brother is a big barbeque fan. So big he can't wait for summer to start grilling again. And since outdoor fireplaces are becoming so popular, he and SIL are considering putting up a stone fireplace in their backyard. They always have friends coming over on weekends and they enjoy spending time outdoors. Oh, I can just picture it, spending the evenings outside, chatting with friends, enjoying their barbeque, a little drink perhaps and the warm glow of fire. Perfect! That's what he misses about home so much, we can have a barbeque night here anytime.


I am lucky enough to live in Florida where I can BBQ year-round, and I do!

Nothing better than a skinless chicken breast hot of the grill! MMMMMMM....

I hope they enjoy the brick fireplace, my friend has one and it is amazing!
FireRock said…
I hope your brother ended up going through with the outdoor fireplace! They are hard to beat. We would love for you to check out some of our design ideas and hear what you think. Check out!