Cholesterol - Memory Link

If you have high LDL (bad cholesterol), you may worry about having a heart attack or stroke. But that's not the only thing you should be worried about. Having high cholesterol means you could also be prone to memory problems, including Alzheimer's. According to experts, when cholesterol builds up in your blood vessels, there is less room to carry blood to the brain. Having high LDL also causes inflammation, which can damage cells throughout the body. So aim to keep your LDL low (below 100), to avoid future heart and memory problems.


Joanne Olivieri said…
I did not know that it affected the memory. That is good to know. Thanks for the info.
RoseBelle said…
Interesting...I didn't know high cholesterol may lead to memory problems. Sometimes I feel like I'm having amnesia, errr..I think I ought to watch what I eat!
JENIE=) said…
you were forever linked...but then i now see i wasn't. lost my pr3's recently and needs to clean up my blogroll for links, hope you let me know if we can relink.