Looking at the sky on Friday (34)


Happy sky watching!


VS said…
breathtaking sky, I love to see the clouds that seem to chase each other tails :)
_el@i_ said…
hello liz! TGIF! *hugs*
BLOGitse said…
This is my first time in Looking at the Sky on Friday meme.
I've noticed how active you're to comment - that's great!
And very unusual nowadays...

Your sky is very FULL! :) Busy of clouds!

Happy sky looking from Cairo! :)

Ralph said…
The complexity of the clouds is nice. They are gray, yet not stormy. Dark, but not fair-weather. The bulk of the sky is cloudy, but with the small amount of blue u there, we see a fine day overall...
Wow, look at all of those dramatic clouds in front of that blue sky! Very nicely captured. :)

Thanks so much for playing along.

Have a great weekend.