Mellow Yellow Monday #42


These miniature Mandarin Oranges came from China and they are called Kiatkiat (meaning Money Tree). Happy MYM, all!


RoseBelle said…
And here I thought they were round lemons! They look like lemons, so bright yellow! I don't think we have them in San Francisco. I'm going to keep an eye for them in stores...would love to try them out.
Rechie said…
thanks for sharing us some info about miniature oranges...i like the chinese name of means something naughty sa Visaya

great MYM shot!

Mine's here.
Marice said…
awww thats one of my fave ;) yummy!
annies home said…
love that yellow polka dotted bowl
Swubird said…

We love all kinds of fruit and the miniature Mandarin Oranges are a very favorite of my Queen. Nice picture.

Happy trails.