Due For Registration

Two months ago, hubs and I searched for an auto insurance quote before renewing our car's registration. This time around, I'm at it again for dad's truck. His truck is due for registration early next month and instead of renewing the insurance from his agent, I told him that he'll save a lot more if he purchase it online. Dad has tech phobia and doesn't even want to touch the PC so I'm doing the task for him. I've already found some quotes that I'll show him later. I'm sure he'll be surprised at how much he can save.


Loui♥ said…
wonderful site!
am enjoying your past posts!
have you tried USAA?
is your father prior military?
you might want to research this company.
We are prior Navy, so have been members since 1975..
everything we own is insured through them..
house and vehicles..
plus discounts because of bundling, safe driving etc..
and a dividend at year's end!
No other insurce company can beat their rates or service.
hugs and smiles..