Mellow Yellow #47


I snapped this from the ceiling of the restaurant we dined in the other night. I kinda liked the pattern and the pairing of white and yellow. For more Mellow Yellow photos, click on the button above the photo. Have a great week ahead.


That's so unique. I would love to do something like that in my kitchen but... imagine cleaning.
imelda said…
indeed its a nice combination of colors, i have a room in the house with these color combination of ceiling too
Regina said…
Nice one!
Happy MYM.
Fely said…
Oh wow Liza!! These lights are so funky! Wonder if my hubby would let me choose lights like these for our new bedroom...hahaah! Maybe for the dining room then! Thanks for sharing this!
Marice said…
wow thats a nice ceiling! :) where is that sis?

u may view mine here
Joanne Olivieri said…
Now that is different, what a creative eye you have. Well done.
Chris said…
nice :D

by the way, hope you can visit me at my new site too..