Red Rash Relief

Intertrigo (Hadhad), an inflammatory rash typically found in body folds such as armpits, groin and beneath the breast, is very common on hot-weather days. It looks like a red rash that burns and is very itchy. The rash occurs when heat, friction and moisture create microscopic tears in skin where bacteria and yeast can thrive.

To relieve intertrigo, shower with a mild antibacterial cleanser like pHisoderm, then pat the area dry and expose to air for a few minutes. Next, dab tea-tree oil onto the affected area. The oil's antiseptic action helps fight skin infections. Finally, absorb perspiration and combat yeast by dusting on a powder containing the antifungal metrodinazole.

See a dermatologist if the rash doesn't fade within 10 days so you'd be given antibiotics or prescription-strength antifungals.


RoseBelle said…
One of my daughters occasionally gets itchy skin where her elbow is. I learned to keep her well moisturized after she showers and of course get her to drink plenty of water too. This helps a lot.
at the cottage said…
This is interesting Thanks. I have vitiligo and many times, if I am in the sun for any lenth of time, that is what my legs and arms can look like.

Thanks for sharing.