Too Tired

Still with no maid and store helper, I barely have time to sit in front of my computer. With all the chores that I have to attend to every day, I'm already exhausted by nighttime - too tired already to type away on my keyboard. And if not for my mom who volunteered to watch the store for a few hours, I wouldn't have made it to my uncle-in-law's funeral. He passed away last week due to emphysema. It was a quick two weeks. No one knew that he's been suffering from the disease. I wasn't even able to visit him in the hospital nor attend his wake. Uncle, I hope you will forgive me. Uncle's family is not well off, good thing he has his retirement to cover the hospital expenses and his insurance shouldered the funeral cost. It wasn't big but at least there was something left for his family.

Going back, I hope I find a store helper (and a maid!) soon. School will begin in June and once it starts I will surely need a hand.


Anya said…
Take care .....
maybe I can help you ;))))))