Prickly Heat

One of the most common summer skin spoiler is prickly heat - itchy, irritated skin that may be dotted with red bumps. It happens when sweat is not able to evaporate from your skin due to chafing or tight clothing. To avoid prickly heat, wear loose breathable clothes and change out of sweaty items as soon as possible. It may also help to dust sensitive areas like beneath your breasts and inner thighs with powder to prevent chafing. Also make sure to check the labels of skin products you're using if they are oil-free and noncomedogenic. Oil-free products won't clog pores. If you already have it, you can soothe and cool areas using an aloe gel and cortisone cream to ease itching.


Alycia said…
I think a lot of woman can get this if they work out and don't change clothes as you recommend. It's a catch 22, you want to work out to try and stay in shape and sometimes hang out with your girlfriends but you know if you don't change you can irritate your skin.