Protect Eyes From Work Hazards

I'm sure you know that sight is our most valuable sense. A large part of what we perceive through our senses comes from our sight. Our eyes are very delicate organs and can be damaged easily. Although our eyes have some built-in protection, it takes much more than that to protect them from hazards at work and during sports activities. Those who work in industrial facilities need to wear safety glasses suited to the job to protect eyes from flying particles from drilling, cutting, digging and other similar operations; ultraviolet radiation from welding and electrical work; fibres from insulating materials, such as fibreglass; and irritants and corrosives. You have to remember that most eye injuries can be prevented by using adequate shields and glasses so you can have many more years to use your most precious sense.


RoseBelle said…
The brightness and glare from the computer screen is also bad for our eyes too so make sure you use glare protector when using the computer.