Redoing The Math

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

It wasn't really the news about the skyrocketing price of gasoline that did it for me, but oh, it should have! What really made the peso drop was a carton of fresh milk. As I was reaching into the fridge one morning to pull it out for breakfast, my eye focused on the price sticker, Php 80.95. It used to be Php 64.00 a few months ago. And it wasn't even imported! It was then that I realized, something is really wrong with the economy. And now that I have focused on it, it scares me that we are still in a long haul of economic difficulty.

Even my relatives in the US are complaining about how hard it is to tighten the already tight budget. My cousin who gave birth to her first child three months ago has switched to PBM products. Like all moms, she told me that she wanted the best for her son. It doesn't matter if the product is expensive, as long as she thinks her baby is getting all the nutrition he needs, it's alright. But she realized later that her son can also have the best without spending much. She used to disregard Store-Brand formulas because she thought they are not nutritionally equivalent to more popular products like Enfamil. It turned out she was wrong. After reading the most recent press release of PBM, informing the public they have won against a lawsuit with Mead Johnson and that their products are indeed as nutritional, she switched. She's happy that she is now enjoying more savings.

I'm sure like me and my cousin, you have done ways not just to weather these tough times, but you've also done ways to actually thrive in them. Have you made some different practical choices in how to live day to day?