Know What To Take

With so many types of supplements on the shelves today, how do we know what to take? You could get dizzy by just looking at them so I hope the guide I found would help you choose which exact supplement to take.

1) Supplement with D - According to experts, unless you gulp 10 glasses of milk each day or you bask in the midday sun up to a half hour several days a week, aim for 800 to 1000 international units (IUs) of vitamin D3. That's more than the usually suggested 200 to 600 IUs. Deficiency is linked to osteoporosis and possibly heart disease and cancers of the breast, colon and prostate.

2) Bone Up - You know you need calcium to help prevent osteoporosis. Women need 1000 milligrams (mg) of calcium per day and increase to 1200 mg after menopause. Men need calcium too, but no more than 1000 mg per day. Early studies suggest a possible link between too much calcium and prostate cancer. Best sources of calcium are dairy products, like milk and yogurt, or supplements.

3) Consider Magnesium - Regular headaches, muscle aches, and constipation may call for magnesium to combat the deficiency studies show most people have.

If you are not so sure if you really need these supplements, it's best to ask your doctor first. :)


Unknown said…
You are right mommy Liza sa sobrang daming diet pills weight loss we get confuse which is effective and which is not, what to take and what not to take. Thanks for the post and tips
Unknown said…
They are recommending more and more that Vitamin D is vital to good health especially for the over sixties .... perhaps even the young should think about taking some even if they choose to use it just a couple of days each week!