Jiggle-free Arms

Sleeveless weather is in full swing, but if you're hesitant to part with your cardigan to hide your jiggly arms and the flab, you are not alone. If you would just set aside 10 minutes of your time everyday (along with the best weight loss supplements for greater results), you can banish bat wings and belly fat in as little as four weeks.

To eliminate jiggly arms try this move: Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair and place hands, fingers facing forward, by your thighs. Keeping knees bent, scoot forward so your butt is hovering in front of the edge of the chair. Inhale, bend your arms and lower your butt, stopping when upper arms are parallel to the floor. Exhale and push yourself up, straightening your arms. Start with two sets of 8 repetitions, working your way up to three sets of 10. Next time, the move to eliminate belly fat so watch out. :)