Mellow Yellow Monday #66


I took this shot last week when hubs and I stopped by the pizza parlor to buy some for the kids.

Happy MYM!


LadyNoor said…
My dad used to have one of these scooters, the old version one... It was in blue :)

Here is my Mellow Yellow Monday post.
Christian said…
Yellowish indeed!

just followed you...add me please

you could see my entry at my blog

Karen Chayne said…
nice yellow cab entry sis!
It looks like all the drivers have to do is jump on, turn the key and they're ready to zoom away!
Life Moto said…
you have the cab i have the pizza. happy MYM!
Kim, USA said…
Those are beautiful yellow scooter. Happy Monday!

Streak of yellow
Marice said…
that made me smile! they are so perfect for MYM!
MYM said…
ha! those are very cool!
Joahna Vern said…
oh yellow cab for MYM...great!!

Enjoy the rest of the week, sis! :)
cheesecakepoi said…
Great splashes of yellow!