Mint Oil

Got aches?  Soothe the pain with mint oil.  I've read somewhere that the oil works better than meds.  According to researchers, applying mint oil to the skin activates TRPM8, a pain killing receptor.  Next time you got the aches, apply mint oil on the area instead of swallowing a pill, natural is the best.


Unknown said…
Nearly all varieties of mint cure a whole swathe of complaints including catmint ... no wonder cats roll around in it. There is one very dangerous and poisonous variety -Pennyroyal which contains pulegon. It can cause miscarriage and so should be avoided.
Russ said…
I will have to give the mint a try. I'll be careful for the Pennyroyal. Thanks to Polly.
Have a good weekend.
Life Moto said…
natural is always the best remedy .