Mellow Yellow Monday #70


This is one of our favorite cake shops.  Although it's not the name of the shop, my kids love to call it "The Yellow Cake Shop."  

Happy MYM!


Lovely warm yellow shades...Wishing you well!! Cathy
Karen Chayne said…
awesome yellow cake shop sis... it looks so relaxing
Amy said…
Beautiful! I wish we had a favorite cake shop. Heck, I wish we had any kind of cake shop!
Julie said…
I love all the autumnal colours in your cake shop. I can see why your children have given it their pet name.
Chubskulit Rose said…
beautiful lighting.

Mellow Yellow at my page.
Siromade said…
Lovely shop lighting, very comfy and relaxing place.
Kelee Katillac said…
Looks fun ad stylish--goes with cake!

Thanks for visiting!

love, kelee
Marice said…
the place looks really cozy! where is that sissy?
the yellow cake shop—
filled with delectable treats,
buttery and sweet
Verna Luga said…
cozy resto... love their chairs. heheh.. thanks for dropping by On This Side of Town
Mylene said…
Very nice entry of MYM :)