Pink Irritated Skin

Prickly heat comes out when sweat is not able to evaporate from skin due to chafing or tight clothing.  the sweat glands become blocked and can result in areas of pink irritated skin that may be dotted with red bumps.

It would be best to wear loose breathable clothing and change out of sweaty items as soon as possible to avoid having prickly heat.   If you already have it, soothe affected area with aloe vera gel and ease itching with a cortisone cream.  The red bumps will clear up in about a week.


RoseBelle said…
I used to have an aloe vera plant and it works wonders. Unfortunately, it died because the weather in SF is too cold and little sunlight.
Russ said…
Yes Aloe Vera is wonderful. You can do many things with it. Thanks for the tip.