Simple Stress Busters

Don't take stress lightly.  Stress triggers our body to pack on pounds and having extra belly fat puts you at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke.  here. try these simple stress soothers to soothe your nerves.

1)  Drink Herbal Tea - Sip a cup of tea made from the roots of Ashwagandha, an herb also known as India ginseng.  According to researchers, this brew contains nutrients that offer a relaxing effect.  It can be as calming as some prescription drug.

2)  Breathe Fully - Close your eyes and breathe deeply, keeping your belly soft.  As you slowly breathe in through your nose, say "soft."  As you breathe out through your mouth, say "belly."

How it works?  Experts say, when the belly is soft, the breath goes to the bottom of the lungs and you get a better oxygen exchange.  Deep belly breathing also activates the vagus nerve, which counteracts the stress response, and as the belly muscle relax, so do other muscles of the body.

3)   Let Yourself Cry - Crying when something makes you angry, sad or frustrated eases stress.  How it works?  Here's the theory of a biochemist and leading tear expert:  Emotional tears have a different make up from other types, and they may be the ones that build up in the body during stress.  Getting rid of them through crying makes you feel better.


Russ said...

Very good tips. The crying one explains a lot of things. Thanks

Joanne Olivieri said...

Great info. Stress is a trigger for so many things like heart disease, stroke etc... One thing I found as well, never listen or watch the news right before you go to bed, either read or listen to music or something peaceful

imelda said...

yes i agree wt u on this liz. it is not true that laughter is the best medicine. crying does take away what laughter can't, happy sunday liz.

Unknown said...

haha,and i agree with imelda, crying does take away what laughter can't. nice, very nice...
btw, followed you...thanks for the comment

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