Beat Stress with Laughter

Your long list of things to do, the deadlines you have to meet,  the daily stress of child care and meal preparations, problems, bills and stretching the budget, and many more  can give you the headache.  I'm sure you already know that laughter is the best medicine so instead of fretting about these things, find ways to laugh and you'll find these problems easy to handle. Laugh out loud, lighten up and beat stress. And, laughter is contagious, so when someone sees and hear you laugh, chances are, they'd laugh too.   Wouldn't you laugh (or even smile) if you hear two people laughing at a joke? I hear that even fake laughs offer body-wide benefits.

I live in a household full of comedians, well actually, that's what I call hubs and the kids. They like to make me laugh especially when they sense that something is bothering me.  Dull moments are very rare in our household.  They also love to watch funny flicks and shows.  The Family Guy and The Simpsons are their favorites.  And if I tell them I'd buy tickets for LMAO Off-Broadway, none of them will say no.

Did you know that laughing out loud will not only help you handle stress?  It has wonderful effects on our heart and our immune system.  Plus, it makes you look younger, no anti-aging cream can beat that.