Cashmere Sweater Care

Autumn is on its way, and pretty soon you will be bringing out some of your cold-weather clothing.  I'm sure you have invested on those lovely cashmere sweaters so you want them to last a long time.  Drying cleaning is your best option if we're talking about cashmere sweaters, but you can wash them by hand at home to save money.  To do:  Simply fill a sink with warm water and a small amount of baby shampoo.  Swish the sweater (do it gently!) around in the suds for a couple of minutes so that the soap soaks through the garment, let sit for ten minutes. Drain the sink, then rinse the sweater a few more times in warm water to remove all shampoo. Squeeze the water out (again, gently), don't twist because it can damage the cashmere. Then lay flat on a bath towel, and cover with a second bath towel. Roll the bath towels up in a jelly roll style to remove excess water. Unroll and lay flat to dry on a mesh drying rack or another bath towel. Do not hang to dry.