Helping Troubled Youths

Before my husband and I were married, he, together with some friends, used to be volunteers in their community's rehabilitation program for troubled youths. It started when they were still in high school after losing a classmate due to drug overdose. Their work involved encouraging drug dependent kids to enlist in the Detox programs sponsored by the city government. It's good to know that the local government is continuing this program up to now.
Drugs can be easily bought without prescription, one of the main reasons why drug abuse has increased dramatically over the years.  For the youth, it usually starts out as casual experimentation,  a dare, influence of friends or sometimes, due to family problems. They rely on this dangerous substance because it changes the way they feel; they feel better, relaxed, powerful and lets them escape reality.
Detox is a lot quicker than the traditional treatment.  A patient who undergoes detox can get rid of opiate addiction in a matter of days without suffering too much.  Hubs says, the patient won't  even have withdrawal symptoms. That's how fast it works.  But it is imperative to attend 'after detox' sessions to prevent a relapse.  Psychological and emotional support is crucial. It's as easy to go back to drugs as it is easy to get well. 
If only the officials in all the local governments here would work  together and create more programs on rehabilitation then  drug addiction won't be much of a problem.