The Neck Check

Just like our nails and our pee, we should also check our necks from time to time.  It should be done every six months or at least once a year.  Why?  Because nodules and thyroid cancer can appear at any age, with or without a family history of thyroid disease.  Detecting any abnormalities early on means getting treatment immediately to avoid severity of the disease.

To do:  Hold a mirror in front of you while slowly swallowing a glass of water.  Check to see if a lump or bulge in visible in the neck while you swallow.  Be sure not to confuse your thyroid with the cartilage of your voice box, which may cause a slight bulge, experts say.  It's the butterfly-shaped gland directly beneath where the Adam's Apple would be in a male.

The appearance of lump. mass or bulge in this area as you swallow may be a sign of something abnormal, such as an enlarged thyroid or thyroid nodule, if you think something is there or are not sure, have your doc check it.