Safer Road User

With the rising road fatalities caused by offensive driving, driver education is imperative.  Merely mastering the rules of the road -- being careful, responsible and courteous to other drivers -- and the basic mechanics of driving could not be considered safe driving.  It goes way beyond that.  One has to learn defensive driving as this aims is to reduce the risk of getting involved in road accidents.  A defensive driver anticipates dangerous situations despite unfavorable conditions. 
Road accidents are usually caused by careless drivers who are heavy on the paddle (I hate speed freaks!), aggressive drivers with offensive driving tendencies, some drivers (mostly teens) who seem to have little regard of safety, public utility vehicle drives who seem to be more keen on making money and not caring about the safety of their passengers (Oh, you can see them in all parts of Manila.), and drivers who like to take calls or send text messages while driving. 
Taking a course on defensive driving could save your life and your loved ones.  And if you happen to live in California, you can simply enroll at San Diego Traffic School to learn everything you need to know about defensive driving ( you can even take the course online).  If not, the site provides a list of the best traffic schools in every area so simply look for your state to find the school nearest you.
No matter how careful or responsible you are when driving, accidents can still happen. You'll be a safer road user if you also drive defensively.