Floss For Your Memory

When you brush, floss and visit the dentist regularly, you not only take care of your teeth but your memory as well.  Here's why.
"In a study of more than 2300 men and women age 60 and over, those who scored the lowest on simple arithmetic and memory tasks - making mistakes similar to patients with early Alzheimer's disease - had gotten the most exposure over the years to a particular gum-disease-causing bacteria."
If you're wondering what's the connection between the two, experts say,our body responds to this pathogen with inflammation, which stiffens blood vessels and raises the risk of heart attack, stroke and memory problems.
Brush and floss regularly so you won't have trouble recalling names, your grocery list, and questions you were asked 5 minutes ago in the future.


nurseabie said…
Thanks for the info mommy liz. Good to be back here.