Health Tip #13

A bottle of beer for women and two for men a day  reduces risk of stroke by up to 20 percent.  Surprising isn't it?  Beer can actually do our body good.  It is packed with vitamin B6 and it can help raise good cholesterol and lessen the chances of having blood clots.  Plus, it helps you relax.
When I was younger, my grandpa drank one bottle with his dinner.  I used to wonder why he isn't getting sick if he drinks it every single day.  Now I know why. 


MinnieRunner said…
For real? I am a NO-NO to alcoholic beverages. And I really don't want to try one. I'm missing vitamin B6 a lot, LOL!
Pinx said…
Really?? I don't like the taste and smell of beer. My hubby does take at least once a week. Hmmmm...I might try to convince him to make it at least thrice a week. Thanks for this tip.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Really? I had no idea. It looks like beer and pizza for us tonight :D