It's been a pleasure.

My cousin, who also happens to be my bestfriend was recently promoted.  She is now the over-all manager of a popular senior living community in the US.  She is looking for restaurant equipment and supply for their newly renovated banquet hall and dining room.   I  know how busy she is and I'm sure she won't have much time to look for a new supplier (and being a foodie myself, these kind of things really interest me) so I offered  help.  As I was searching online, I chanced upon Tiger Chef.  Gosh, I fell in love with everything and wanted them all for my self! (haha)  How I wished I had lots of money so I could buy everything and have a 'totally new' kitchen.

They have everything from commercial grade products for bars, catering, bakeries, hotels and restaurants. The cookware and equipment are so elegant and surprisingly affordable. Plus, they offer great discounts,  there are no minimum purchase requirements and you pay no inflated ship costs.

I was drooling as I checked each item, I wanted to get my own sets too.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that these amazing discounts are still here when I have the budget for new kitchen equipment  :)
My cousin got most of  the stuff she needed and thanked me for helping her.  Oh, if she only knew how much I enjoyed the website.  :)