Never Miss A Show Again

My husband loves watching sports, whose isn't anyway? Lol.  He's an avid F1 and bowling fan, but with his hectic schedule, he couldn't stay glued on the tube to watch all the races and all the bowling events.   Although I don't always like watching sports (I only like to watch the bowling matches), I pity him if he misses a race.   So sometimes I stay up late to record the race for him.  Well I was relieved that his friend discovered Fathom Events and told my husband about it.  At least now I don't have to go to the trouble of staying up late or recording the matches that he missed. Thanks to Fathom, who, offers exclusive digital cinema events using high-definition via satellite to audiences around the globe. Wouldn't you love watching concerts, performing arts, comedy, sports,  and other live acts on big screens with high-definition picture and big-time surround sound?

Hubs and I spend weekends catching up with our favorite shows, we sometimes buy Met opera HD tickets if we already had too much of sports and comedy tickets if the kids feel like going with us. If you are  a very busy person and you miss some of your favorite shows, try the ticket offers at Fathom. You can score tickets at a much lower price from them compared to other ticket brokers on the internet.