Photohunt - Miniature

A miniature village.

A miniature copper pot.

A miniature teapot.

Have a great weekend everyone!  


Alice Audrey said…
I love it. The little copper pot and the tea cozy - adorable.
Eden said…
Love it! Cute mini stuff.

Thanks for visiting my site.
Very cool collection. That tea cosy is amazing! I wonder what sort of soup you could concoct in a pot like that.
Janice said…
Nice! It must have taken some patience to knit that teensy tea cozy.
Joanne Olivieri said…
Very cool. I love that little teapot, it is so cute and charming.
Carver said…
I love the miniature village and the copper pot and teapot are great too for the theme.
Your cooper teapot is darling. Thanks for stopping in.
YTSL said…
Where's that miniature village in the photo? Looks cool! And like that miniature teapot too. :)