Las Vegas Movers

After my niece is born on December 25th (she'll be named Nicole, after St. Nicolas), my brother and SIL are planning to renew their vows.  They had a civil wedding 5 years ago and now they want to have a church wedding.  A church wedding with a theme!  He's a great fan of The King, so they will be going to Vegas for the wedding.  I'd love to see the Graceland Wedding Chapel, too.  He says he likes the place so much that he actually wanted to live there.  If not for his job, which pays him really well, he might have hired the las vegas movers instead of moving from NY to Connecticut.  I told him then that he should be in Memphis but he says, he loves the Elvis impersonators in Vegas.  Date has not been set but for sure, it's going to be early next year.